Colour Therapy

Colours have been used to encourage health transformations since ancient times. Here at Sensara Kolure we have developed a method of combining essential oils and plant ingredients to generate products with the same energy patterns as those found within the colours of our colour spectrum.

For example our Flamenco Red range contains a unique blend of cedarwood, naoiuli, red mandarin and hibiscus which together resonate to create the colour energy of the red part of the colour spectrum. And the Ocean Blue range contains a unique blend of may chang, peppermint, star anise, chamolmile and cornflowers which resonate to generate a blue colour energy experience.


Colour Psychologists have been studying the effects that different colours have on our emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well-being for years and Colour Therapists use colour as a tool to encourage positive changes, alleviating illness and restoring health and vitality.

The benefits of colour therapy occur when combining the energy of a colour with the energy field of the body. The colour energy selected helps to ‘fine tune’ or influence the way energy flows around and within the body, creating transformations in mood and health.


Colours, Moods and Emotions

  • Red – grabs your attention and represents passion
  • Orange – evokes a sense of spontaneous joy, playful and sensual
  • Yellow – thought to stimulate the mind and energise the body
  • Green – reflects nature and is associated with healing
  • Blue – considered to be calming and encourages good communication
  • Purple – often represents the more spiritual and mystical side of life